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I’m Erika Bisbocci, a travel-obsessed backpacker, flight attendant and returned WorldTeach volunteer who has done her best to carve out a life on the path less traveled.

I was only six months old when I received my first passport and, since then, I have collected stamps from over ninety countries on six different continents. What began as yearly trips to visit family in Italy, slowly morphed into month-long voyages around Europe, Latin America and Asia with my parents.

And then, after leaving the nest and moving away for college, my relationship with travel changed. Travel was no longer something I did because my parents had a passion for seeing places. Instead, I started to realize that travel was something I couln’t live without.

In my independent life, I made travel something of my own. I spent six months living in the middle East. Upon graduation, I moved to Africa for a year. Realizing that travel was becoming a necessity in my life, I became a flight attendant for a major US airline.

My travels have taught me a lot about different cultures, traditions and history. Most of all, however, they taught me about myself–about my passions, my priorities and the way I would like to live my life. They instilled in me a love for travel that is at times overwhelming.

I hope  that–by sharing this blog with you–I can take you along on my journeys!


  • Valerie

    Your comments on Namibia were spot on. I’m glad you chose to contribute and make a difference to our youth and the future of Namibia however small. After all they will be the leaders of tomorrow. Well done, good with your future endevours and bon voyage where ever your itch leads you to.

  • Cass

    Hi Erika! Oh my gosh you’re living my dream!! Hahaha my situations a little different, I haven’t travelled far until last year, it was my first time on a plane and I fell in love. I always wanted to travel and I’m a server and love meeting new people, and knew a flight attendant is me written all over it! I ended up taking a Flight Attendant course and I’m learning French, but I was hoping u could give me some interview tips?? Any words of advice are truly appreciated!! By the way, congrats! Getting out there and seeing as much as possible is awesome and that’s so cool you get to do that. Thanks for you’re time and words of wisdom! 🙂

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