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  1. Hey- thanks so much for posting a link to your blog in response to my recent query on the Oman Thorn Tree Forum. Your blog items have definitely helped me solidify our plans. And in return, check out our blog, about living in India and life in the US Foreign Service:

    Thanks, James

  2. I'm glad this blog came in handy when planning your trip. I'll definitely check out your link!

  3. I was searching some travel information on Oman and click into the forum in Lonely Planet and found both of your conversation and blog. Thank you Erika for posting your traveling experience. It does help me to plan my itenerary to Oman and I really enjoy your blog too 🙂

    Thanks, Wei Mee (Malaysia)

  4. Thank you, Wei Mee! Glad the information helped.

  5. Just a heads up… I tried to use you email form but it doesn't seem to be working. I will message you via your Twitter account.

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