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Those who know me, are well aware of my love for travel. They know that I never cease to talk about the wonders that the world has to offer and the far-flung places that I intend to visit one day. Sometimes my desire to talk about travel is so great that, when I am with friends, I often have to bite my tongue to keep from boring them with travel stories.

Through writing this blog, I have found a community of people who are genuinely interested in reading my thoughts, who have lived vicariously through my travels. I have connected with people who have turned traveling into a lifestyle, who have carved out a path of endless adventure and never looked back. I have also found that my intense and overwhelming itch for adventure and discovery is certainly not unique. There are thousands of people out there who have sought to embed travel into their lives.

Here are their stories.

Great Travel Blogs from Around the Internet

Adventures with Dan

Aussie on the Road

Am I Nearly there Yet?

Backpacking Travel Blog: Travel adventures and tips by Audrey and Samuel

Confessed Travelholic

Couple’s Coordinates: Michael and Alexandra took a leap of faith, bought a one-way flight to Italy and pursued their passion for travel.

Don’t Stop Living: The longest-standing one-man travel guide to all seven continents

For the Traveller: Cool global travel guide

Flights and Frustration

Gone with the Backpack

Great Britain Travel Guide: Find out where to go in Britain!

Laura the Explorer: Stories and advice about budget travel and backpacking, from first hand experience


Mr & Mrs Howe: A lifestyle and travel blog that documents the lives of newly-married globetrotters, Jonathan and Kach.

Nomadic Samuel: Samuel Jeffery’s flagship travel blog

Only a Flight Away 

Smiling Faces Travel Photos: Photos and videos of smiling faces from around the world.

That Backpacker: Travel blog covering destinations from around the world

The Professional Hobo: Traveling full-time in a financially sustainable way

Traveling Ted

Travelling Cheaply

Travelling King

Travel Toodle

You vs. the Globe

Worldwide Travel Advice

I hope you enjoy perusing these travel blogs as much as I do!

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